Elias Laughshield

Young wizard who has retired from the adventuring life.


4th level wizard (although now retired.)

Spells known:

Spell slots:


Elias Laughshield works as a copyist and clerk at Campbell Schend’s scriptorium in the Regersburg Town Center. His skin his a grey and rough cast, and he seems to be in constant pain. His eyebrows are ridiculously long and hang over his eyes, blocking his vision. He has a funny physical habit of constantly tracing shapes on surfaces (e.g. the table) with his fingers.

It is rumored that Elias quit using his magical powers after a mission with his former adventuring party that went very badly. He still seems haunted and shaky. He will, however, cast spells on behalf of customers for a fee — this is his side business.

Elias Laughshield

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